Please note that some trails are restricted to certain uses.

 Please adhere to use-designation signage on the trails.

Here are some simple rules to help you when you encounter others on the trails:

  • Because horses can be spooked, hikers and mountain bikers should yield to horse riders. Bikers should dismount and hikers and bike riders should move to the downhill side of the trail to yield to equestrians. It is a good idea to speak to horse riders in a normal voice and make no sudden moves. This helps keep the animals calm.
  • In general, it is best for downhill traffic to yield to uphill traffic, although it is sometimes easier for hikers to yield to bike riders.
  • Bike riders should confirm that hikers have seen them and moved from the trail before they pass. 
  • Remember, the trails are for everybody. Politeness and courtesy are always the first rule.
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Artifacts from early mining history can be found in many places along the trails. None of these (usually metal cans and other rusted metal parts) are valuable-except for their historical interest. Furthermore, it is unlawful to remove historical artifacts from their sites. You must leave any artifacts you might find in place for others to see and ponder.


Always pack out what you bring in; please leave the trails as you found them.


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