Approximate Length: 1.3 Miles 
Post numbers on map:
39 and 43

Highlights: Shady trail, follows East Weaver Creek, parking available at trailhead near East Weaver Campground

The Day Ranch Trail is easily accessed from the East Weaver Campground. At postmarker 64, the East Weaver - LaGrange Road continues west. Just east of postmarker 64 is postmarker 28, offering access to the northernmost reach of the Jackass Ridge Trail. This section of trail is also important as it provides direct access to the Trinity Alps Wilderness Area via the East Weaver Lake Trail, which starts along East Weaver Creek just up-stream from postmarker 43.

Connecting the East Weaver/La Grange Road Trail with the Jackass Flat trail near the East Weaver Campground. Ownership is mixed public and Weaverville Community Services District. 


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