Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors (from left to right):
Greg Lowden, Rose Owens, Mike Rourke, Colleen O'Sullivan, and Patrick Truman


Gregory Lowden has been a resident of Weaverville since 1967. He graduated from Trinity High School in 1969. After a tour of duty with the U.S. Army, he attended Shasta Junior College in Redding, graduating with an AA degree in history in 1974. He has been employed as a surveyor with Hunt Land Surveying, Inc., since 1978. He served as a member of the board of directors of the Weaverville-Douglas City Parks and Recreation District from 1989 to 1995. He has served on the Trinity County Resource Conservation District (RCD) board of directors since 1992. Active in community affairs, he is a member of the Weaverville Lion’s Club and the Weaverville Basin Trails Committee. He finds his role as an RCD director to be both challenging and rewarding.


Colleen O'Sullivan graduated from Humboldt County in 1984 with a Bachelor's degree in Natural Resource Planning. She worked for Redwood National Park and the City of Arcata until 1986, when the Trinity County Planning Department hired her. She worked as a transportation and land use planner for the county until 1998. Her experience there included reviewing a variety of land use proposals, use permits and environmental documents, working on transportation issues and administering historic preservation grants. After leaving the county, she joined her husband in an Internet business he started in 1997, The Trinity Mineral Company. She was appointed to the TCRCD Board in the fall of 2002.

Her interests lie in protecting and enhancing the abundant natural resources of Trinity County, which she feels is compatible with intelligent and thoughtful growth. She is especially interested in exploring alternative solutions to natural resource conflicts, and looking for new tools to help communities attain their goals. She believes in collaboration and sees her position on the TCRCD board as a good fit for her interests and goals.

ROSE OWENS (Retired)

Rose Owens has been a resident of Hayfork since April of 1946. She graduated from Trinity High School in 1952. She had been a school employee for 24 years and 10 months, first as a bus driver for 14 years and then as Business Assistant for the Trinity County Office of Education She retired in October of 1996. She has worked for the Trinity County Fair for about 10 years during summers, when driving school buses. Her family owned and operated a sawmill and logging company and moved to Hayfork in 1946. Her husband Lonnie is a retired lumber grader and they have three children and seven grandchildren. Together they have raised horses and cattle and are very much interested in both the lumber and ranching industries as well as a common-sense approach to managing our natural resources. She currently serves on the RCD Board of Directors and the Trinity County Public Utilities District Board. She is a member of California Women in Timber and past Vice President of the Trinity Chapter. She also represents the Public Utilities District on the Resource Conservation and Development Council.


Mike Rourke has taught agriculture at Trinity High School for over 20 years. His subjects include animal science, plant science, forestry, natural resource management, agriculture business management, and agriculture mechanics. He has been recognized as the "Outstanding Agriculture Teacher" in northern California for having the "Outstanding Agriculture Program" at Trinity High School. He has served as President for the Northern California Agriculture Teachers' Association, served on the state governing board and several state-wide committees. Mike Rourke has training in Natural Resource Management that includes course work and work experience. He has worked as a survey crew member and crew chief for the US Forest Service, and he has been involved with the management of natural resources on the Rourke Ranch for over 30 years. He holds an AA Degree in Agriculture and a BS degree in Agriculture Mechanics. He has farmed in six different counties in northern California, raising field crops, row crops, and cattle; he has also been involved in custom farming. He has worked on a dairy and has manufactured equipment for the viticulture industry. He currently farms the roughly 900-acre Rourke Ranch in partnership with his wife, father, and mother. The ranch includes 100 acres of irrigated pasture, timberland, rangeland, and wildlife habitat. The Ranch raises approximately 70 head of commercial cattle. Mike has served as President of the Trinity County Cattleman's Association.


Patrick Truman is currently a sales associate/property manager with Realty World/Trinity River Realty in Weaverville. Patrick is also serving his fourth term as President of the CA Association of RCDs and in that capacity, also represents the state association on the National Association of Conservation Districts Board of Directors. He has directed the South Fork of the Trinity River Coordinated Resource Management effort for 7 years; has served as Chairman & Vice Chair of the RCD Board of Directors; past Chairman of the Salmon Restoration Task Force of the California Association of Resource Conservation Districts; past member of the Pacific Fisheries Enhancement Committee for Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California; past member of the Collaborative Learning Circle of southern Oregon and northern California (State of Jefferson), and is currently director of the Trinity Lake Watershed Association. Patrick has been an Executive Director for seven years with Human Response Network, a non-profit social service agency; wilderness resource management technician with the Forest Service for nine years; a fisheries restoration technician; cadastral survey member; electronic engineering technician; Chair and Board Member of the Far Northern Regional Center; Trinity Center School Board of Trustees member; and Trinity County Private Industry Council member.