About Us

Organization and Purpose

Conservation Districts are legal subdivisions of state government, special districts responsible for conservation and education projects within their boundaries. Trinity County R.C.D. was formed under Division 9 of the State Resources Code in 1956. As a special district, it is self-governed by elected directors who establish priorities and set policy. Directors are landowners who know local problems, and who volunteer their time without pay.

Trinity County R.C.D. is a county wide agency encompassing 2.1 million acres in rural Northern California, and receives funding from local, state, federal agencies and non-governmental organizations. The Board of Directors is guided by landowners and the community in their decisions and actions. Employees of the District carry out the day to day operations, guided by priorities and policies set by the Board.

The purpose of the District is the same as for the 3,000 conservation districts across the nation. Districts focus attention on land, water and related resource problems, develop programs to solve them, and to enlist and coordinate help from all public and private sources that can contribute to accomplishing the district's goals. In addition, districts work to further conservation education in the community, coordinating educational programs and serving as a community clearing house for information and services.