Alex Cousins District Manager
John Condon Project Coordinator Fuels and Weaverville Community Forest
Julie Barcellona Fiscal Manager
Noreen Doyas Grant Coordinator
Mark Dowdle Project and Education Coordinator - Office Manager
Cynthia Tarwater Project Coordinator – Road-related Sediment Reduction
Zack Blanchard Project Coordinator – Road-related Implementation
Amy Livingston Project Coordinator – Vegetation Management
Christy Wagner Project Coordinator  - Revegetation
Kelly Sheen GIS Manager, Information Technology Administrator
Erik Flickwir GIS Tech, Systems Administrator, Web & Graphic Design
Donna Rupp Project Coordinator 1 – Education Specialist
Tracy McFadin Conservation Tech - Office Assistant
Jack McGlynn Conservation Technician – Roads Crew
Mike Dunlap Conservation Technician – Fuels Crew Supervisor
Jon Mortensen Conservation Technician – Fuels Crew
A.J. Estrada Conservation Technician – Roads Crew
Matt Silveria Conservation Technician – Trails and Vegetation
Jeff A McGrew Conservation Technician – Fuels Crew


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