Spring ~ Summer 2009
Vol. XVIII, No. 2

Stimulus Funds Support Local Workforce

Making It All Come Together
Trinity County Resource Conservation District fuels crew members were back at work sooner than expected, following a seasonal layoff, thanks to funds received by the U.S. Forest Service through the federal economic stimulus package. According to District Manager Pat Frost, "This funding has been important in two ways, it has allowed me to bring a crew back to work doing what they are trained to do and it helps make the forest safer for everyone."

The crews will be clearing roadside vegetation along 180 miles of forest service roads on the Six Rivers National Forest in the Mad River and Lower Trinity Ranger Districts. USFS Regional Forester Randy Moore, Six Rivers National Forest Supervisor Tyrone Kelly and Wendy Reiss, chair of the Trinity County Board of Supervisors, toured one of the work sites near Ruth Lake early in the spring.

Another federal project the TCRCD has obtained funding for is road-related sediment reduction work for Shasta-Trinity National Forest, including areas burned in the wild-fires of 2009. This project will decommission five miles of roads in the Noble, Gulch and Eagle Fire areas. Decommissioning removes the road from future use and returns the surface to its original drainage pattern. Restoration activities associated with decommissioning may include: survey and design, the removal of all drainage structures and associated fill, then outsloping, ripping, seeding and/or mulching, depending on the site.


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