Spring 2008
Vol. XVII, No. 2

Message from the District Manager - 2007 Annual Report

This Annual Report highlights many projects the District worked on in 2007. We use the annual report to assess our strengths and to improve the delivery of conservation assistance to our constituents in Trinity County.

We seek to build sustainability into our funding. We are a special district that relies entirely on grants and agreements – from the summer day camp to our South Fork Trinity River restoration work. We established the Trinity County Resource Conservation District Fund under the Trinity Trust and the Humboldt Area Foundation. You can support District programs that have helped you and your community through a tax-deductible donation or by including the District in your estate planning.

A number of important projects stood out in 2007 and the Weaverville Community Forest is one such project. We implemented our first forest health project, generating over 700,000 board-feet that went to the Trinity River Mill and making 200 acres near Weaverville more fire safe. We also proceeded with smaller projects suggested by local residents through community meetings. These were funded with stewardship funds (timber harvest receipts) set aside by the Bureau of Land Management to be used within the Weaverville Community Forest.

The “Lewiston 4” project is the next salmon habitat restoration project planned for the Trinity River. It will proceed in summer 2008 in part because the District got a $575,000 grant from California Department of Fish and Game to help Trinity River Restoration Program fund these projects near Lewiston. The District became a lead agency for the project's environmental documents, hosting public workshops and hearings.

This annual report illustrates the wide range of our conservation work. Behind every one of these projects are many talented and dedicated staff, volunteers and our many grantors, such as the Trinity River Restoration Program, the State Water Resources Control Board, California Department of Fish and Game and Trinity County. This report is a tribute to all of them.

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This issue of the Conservation Almanac is funded in part by grants from the Trinity River Restoration Program, Bureau of Land Management, California State Water Resources Control Board, California Department of Fish and Game, Fire Safe Council, U.S. Forest Service, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

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