Fall 2005
Vol. XIV, No. 4

Let's Keep Trinity County Beautiful!

Do we want our backyards to look like this??
Illegal dumping of garbage, old appliances, and abandoned vehicles is a serious problem throughout Trinity County. It seems like the problem has gotten worse – so much so that an ad hoc committee of concerned citizens and land managers has been formed to look at causes of the problem, ways to better educate the public, support enforcement, offer creative solutions, and find additional funds to clean up the worst sites.

A public education campaign was unveiled at a recent meeting of the Board of Supervisors. The “Let’s Keep Trinity County Beautiful!” campaign, was kicked off with Peter Hedke of the Trinity County Environmental Health Division, setting up a toll free number for reporting illegal dumping sites and activities: 1-888-NODUMPN or 1-888-663-8676

The first step in this new campaign is to get the toll free number out in front of the public so everyone knows where to call, if they see illegal dumping or if they know of an existing dumpsite. The next step is to show people the problem. Peter wants to share a slide show with interested groups. This short and informative presentation depicts the magnitude of our county’s illegal dump problem, and provides some possible solutions.

Enforcement is expected to be an effective part of the Let’s Keep Trinity County Beautiful! campaign. Eric Heryford of the Shasta County District Attorney’s Office—Environmental Prosecution, has prepared a streamlined method for Sheriff’s Office and other enforcing agencies to cite and, thus, prosecute those, who have been found to have illegally disposed of household or construction waste, as well as abandoned vehicles. Prosecution can take place with as little evidence as a name and an address found at the site.

Everyone in Trinity County will benefit from the work of this ad hoc committee, and because of the support from the following organizations, we will Keep Trinity County Beautiful:

  • Trinity County Board of Supervisors
  • Trinity County Departments
    • Solid Waste
    • Building Services
    • Airports
    • Health and Human Services
    • Vehicle Abatement
  • US Forest Service
    • South Fork Management Unit
    • Trinity River Management Unit
    • Trinity National Recreation Area
    • Mad River Ranger District
    • Lower Trinity Ranger District
    • Shasta Trinity National Forest Law Enforcement
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Shasta County District Attorney
    • Environmental Prosecution Office
  • Trinity County Resource Conservation District
  • Watershed Research and Training Center
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Trinity Business Incubator

Pass on the message:

Help keep Trinity County beautiful & a healthy place to live

Report Illegal Dumping
Call toll-free:

1 - 888 - NODUMPN -or-
1 - 888 - 663 - 8676


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