Fall 2004
Vol. XIII, No. 4

River Day 2004 at Coffee Creek School

Students in the Field
Coffee Creek School began hosting a River Day Celebration in 2002. It is designed to introduce students, teachers and parents from smaller elementary schools in our area to a one-day version of the District's Environmental Camp program (see page 4). Students participate in a series of hands-on field activities along the banks of Coffee Creek such as:
  • Monitoring water quality
  • Collecting and identifying macro-invertebrates and using them as indicators of stream health
  • Identifying soil types and discussing erosion-related effects on salmon
  • Studying fish anatomy and the salmon and trout life cycle
  • Measuring stream flow
  • Learning about the functions of riparian areas in protecting streams
  • Forestry
  • Local geology
  • Wildlife
  • Studying watersheds and the effects of human activites on watershed health

Over 150 students have joined in the fun, and students already are planning an exciting celebration for 2005.


Students in the Creek


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